New contractors licensing law enforcement begins Oct. 1

New contractors licensing law enforcement begins Oct. 1
Notice to all Builders, Remodelers,and Subcontractors
According to the Louisiana Association of Home Builders, an addendum to the Contractors Licensing Law and Rules and Regulations were promulgated on January 20, 2016 to require a specialty license for six sub classifications.
They include:
 1. Residential Pile Driving
 2. Residential foundations
 3. Residential Framing
 4. Residential Roofing
 5. Residential masonry/stucco
 6. Residential swimming pools
A grace period was given by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors before enforcement began. That grace period has now expired.   As approved by the LHBA BOD on May 11th, enforcement will begin on October 1, 2017. Any corporation, partnership, or individual who, for a price, commission, fee, wage or other compensation undertakes or offers to undertake or superintend the following work as it relates to the construction of any building or structure that is not more than 3 floors in height, to be used by another as a residence, where the value of the work exceeds $7,500, including labor and materials, is required to obtain a specialty classification for that work..
Labor Only:
In lieu of obtaining a specialty classification, a subcontractor who provides labor only and does not supply materials may obtain a subcontract-labor-only specialty classification for work performed under the direct supervision of a licensed residential building contractor.
Please share this information within your Local Associations and inform your subs in these fields to apply for their specialty license immediately.

Contact the Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors for more info call (225) 765-2301 or visit www.lslbc.louisiana.gov. For instructions on how to apply, click here www.lslbc.louisiana.gov/contractors/forms/

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