URGENT: State seeks public comments on plan to create affordable rental program

URGENT: State seeks public comments on plan to create affordable rental program
The Louisiana Office of Community Development is accepting public comments on Action Plan Amendment 13, which adjusts existing program budgets and beneficiaries and creates a program to address unmet recovery needs from the Great Floods of 2016.

The plan will create multi-family rental housing units for Louisiana’s National Guard at Camp Beauregard in flood-impacted Rapides Parish. The rental units will be built on post, which will free up rental units formerly occupied by military members living off post, thus further expanding affordable rental housing stock.

APA 13 proposes the following changes:

  • Establish an affordable rental program, called the Louisiana Military Department Affordable Rental Housing Program;
  • Reduce the budget for the Restore Louisiana Interim Housing Assistance Program by $10 million due to undersubscription; and
  • Create a budget for the Louisiana Military Department Affordable Rental Housing Program.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the state’s recovery efforts with disaster recovery Community Development Block Grant dollars and considers APA 13 a substantial action plan amendment, which requires a public comment period.

The formal public comment period for APA 13 runs from April 1 to 5 p.m. April 14, 2020. Residents and organizations can comment in the following ways:

  • Send comments via the OCD-DRU website at doa.la.gov/ActionPlans;
  • Email comments to ocd@la.gov;
  • Mail comments to Disaster Recovery Unit, P.O. Box 94095, 70804-9095, Attn: Janice Lovett; or
  • Fax comments to the attention of Janice Lovett at 225.219.9605.

The action plan amendment can be accessed in English, Vietnamese and Spanish at doa.la.gov/ActionPlans.

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