Erotic author, Zane, talks entrepreneurship

Erotic author, Zane, talks entrepreneurship

INSTEAD OF TELLING EROTIC tales Author Zane discussed how to become a successful entrepreneur at Southern University, April 1.

“To me the erotic ele- ments of my books are re- ally minor compared to the underlying issues I’m try- ing to deal with in the book, I do think everything is an element in life and sexual- ity is part of it,” Zane said.

She said that her much deeper purpose to help peo- ple navigate through toxic relationships, because no matter what their goals are the relationships they have will affect them.

The author of more than 30 romance novels shared with fans some how she was able to transform herself from woman who wrote just to pass the time into a New York Times best seller.

To be successful some- one must be focused, compassionate, and passionate, she said.

“The way you can tell someone is really passionate about what they are doing is because it never looks like they are work- ing,” she said.

Zane has executive produced and written the scripts for the movies to her books, but her passion is what get keeps her going. In history, some of the most successful people “failed” before they found their success.

“It shouldn’t be about failing or succeeding, you shouldn’t be afraid to do either one and you can’t spend time worrying about either,” she said.

The author said she no- ticed that most successful people have what she refers to as “I.E.” personality.

“These people are in- ternally motivated, but ex- ternally focused. They see world as a big picture and bigger than themselves,” she said.

One of the biggest reason people don’t achieve their goals is because they spend too much time worried about other people. Zane said she believes that judging other people is based on our own insecurities and that it is the only reason for someone to ex- cited or happy when some- one is seemingly failing at something.

“If you’re compassionate and care about what happens to other people and care about leaving the world a better place than how you found it. It will al- ways be a constant motivation bigger than anything else,” she said.

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