Easter the season of renewness, restoration

Easter the season of renewness, restoration

IT IS OFTEN SAID WE ARE “spiritual beings” having a natural experience.

How many of you are “spiritual beings” having a “spiritual experience” in this season of restoration? How are you being restored? Are you searching your soul and making necessary changes to move forward? Will you do self-inventory to see how well you are doing as a Christian? Are looking back at days of yesterday and reliving bad and trying times?

Having this season upon us, is giving us a time to truly be restored to wholeness in Christ, or whomever we serve, mat- ters not name by which they are called!

Will you spend this sea- son forgiving others as you seek forgiveness as Christ did on the cross? Will you turn this season into one of commercialization by shopping for that special outfit, go- ing to church once a year, prepared the perfect dinner, painting eggs and have a family out- ing; or will you wrap your- self in a “spiritual experience” praying, rejoicing, living, loving, forgiving, giving, and lifting up your Savior?

Will you be seeking daily to forgive and be for- given, to be a better you and carry a lighter load?

In this season of renewness and restoration, are you a conformist or a transformer? How have you grown since last years’ “Easter Holiday of  restoration?” How many lives have you transformed or have you conformed to the ways of those that you are seek- ing to transform? In this season of holiness, let it not end with Easter Sunday, but continue to be a life-line to eternity. In this season of “re-newness and restoration” I will be prayerful, forgiving, and I pray to be forgiven?

Joyce Turner Keller, Th.D., is founder of Travelers of Christ Evangelistic Ministry. She is a global advocate for HIV/AIDS. 

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