Who’s in charge?

Who’s in charge?
There are eight elected member of the state board of elementary and secondary education.  They are elected in what has been redistricted from the old original eight congressional districts.  These people represent a very large group of constituents.  Their base is larger than any of our elected state senators or representatives.
In order to hire a new state superintendent it takes eight votes, a super majority.  What is amazing is that the governor spent a lot of effort making sure this board was the one he wanted.  Therefore it baffles me that when the leadership sends two proposals over to him, he rejects both.  It baffles me that the leadership and the board seem to abdicate their elected role by totally deferring to the governor.
Who should the governor be meeting with to iron out the issues?  I believe it is the leadership of the board along with the hired staff (Superintendent White).  Well what looks like happened is the governor met with the hired staff, did not reach an agreement, then the hired staff brought the message back to his employer, the board.  The issues today are critical.  It just seems as if the meetings should be with the employer rather than the employee.  Now understand the governor may be meeting with his appointees, at least one because of the way the votes have been going.
Then we have this tit for tat going on, Jindal and his Chief administrator make a statement, then White makes a statement to counter their statement, then the administration makes a new statement and then White answers.
Some days it feels like little children arguing over gets to play first, then some days it feels like no one is minding the store.
However in all the adult infighting, I am at a lost as to who is caring about the children, I am at a lost as to who really is concerned about what the teachers will teach in three weeks and then I worry about what will be assessed.  Again, the big question is who is really in charge?
By Linda Johnson

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