PICO invites public to #NotOneDime economic boycott through Dec. 3


This week marks the one-year anniversary of the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.

This week we wait for the release of the 2014 video depicting the shooting death of Laquan McDonald by a white Chicago police officer.

This week we watch the ongoing tragedy in Minnesota related to the killing of Jamar Clark and the shooting of unarmed protesters by white supremacists.

And this week as we continue our efforts to righteously resist systems of oppression using our bodies, our ballots and our bucks, we are excited to partner with our friends at Urban Cusp, Hands Up United, and other organizations around the county, calling for a nationwide #NotOneDime economic boycott from November 22 – December 3, 2015.

The words of the prophet recorded in Isaiah 58, included here, serve as a sacred guide for us as we enter this season of disciplined economic resistance.

We are inviting you and your loved ones to disengage in non-essential spending, and to redirect your spending to black and minority-owned business. Let’s begin to starve the beasts of corporate interest and economic systems which profit off the bodies of our loved ones.

Rev. Michael McBride
Director of Urban Strategies and the Live Free Campaign
PICO National Network

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