Baton Rouge River Center shelter closing today

The shelter at the Baton Rouge River Center closes today. Red Cross spokesperson Vicki Eichstaedt said flood victims who are in that shelter will be moved to Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge. The Department of Children and Family Services reports there were 372 individuals there as of Wednesday, Sept.14. Eichstaedt said the Red Cross is redoubling their efforts to make sure no one is forgotten.

“To make sure that those people are in touch with case workers and are actively looking at recovery plans and what options there are available for them,” Eichstaedt said.

She said the River Center has asked the Red Cross to vacate their facility as they prepare for upcoming events, but there is not a hard close date for the Celtic Studios shelter. 

“We’ve been working diligently with case work to try and find people the next place to stay,” Eichstaedt said.

Eichstaedt said people can get more information about more assistance from the Red Cross by calling 855-224-2490. 

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