Broome announces transition committees, community input teams

Broome announces transition committees, community input teams

Mayor-President Elect Sharon Weston Broome and her transition co-chairs, Christopher Tyson and Donna Fraiche, announced that the transition will occur under operational review committees and community input transition teams. The operational review committees will evaluate and report on the inner-workings of City government. Each committee will be responsible for conducting an in-depth assessment of departmental functions and performance, including issues such as organization structure, personnel, budget and overall effectives.

The Community Input Transition Teams have been established to anchor a wide-ranging public engagement effort Mayor-Elect Broome deems critical for the transition effort.

The committees and co-chairs are as follows:

  1. Finance –  Jacqui Vines-Wyatt, Dr. Jim Llorens
  2. Public Works (Building & Grounds, Environmental Services, Transportation and Drainage, City Garage, Dev., Maintenance) – Co-Chairs: Justin Haydell, Matthew Butler
  3. Public Safety (Fire, Police, DPW Subteams) – Rep. Ted James, Don Cazayoux
  4. Office of Community Development – Darryl Gissel, Brian Lafleur
  5. Human Development and Services – Johnny Anderson, Pat LeDuff
  6. Homeland Security – General Russel Honore, Paul Rainwater
  7. Information Services – Curtis Heromann, Sonia Perez, Padma Vatsavai
  8. Purchasing – Monique Spalding, Ronald L. Smith
  9. Internal Organization – Christel Slaughter, Dennis Blunt
  10. Arts, Culture and Leisure – Fairleigh Jackson, Walter “Geno” McLaughlin
  11. Flood Recovery – Perry Franklin, Bryan Jones
  12. Infrastructure, Transportation and Mobility – Scott Kirkpatrick, Ann Trappey
  13. Economic Development & Enterprise – Rolfe McCollister, Donald Andrews
  14. North Baton Rouge Revitalization – Cleve Dunn, Jr.; Elizabeth “Boo” Thomas
  15. Healthcare, Social Services and Mental Health – Alma Stewart, Dr. Stephen Kelley
  16. Housing and Land Use – Candace Parker, Keith Cunningham
  17. Metropolitan Organization – Mary Olive Pierson, Domoine Rutledge
  18. The Millennial Agenda – Courtney Scott, Matt Adams
  19. Women’s Issues – Rachel Hebert, Tawahna Harris
  20. Race Relations – Dr. Albert Samuel
  21. Education – Sherry Brock, Diola Bagayoko, Ph.D.

Co-chair information, as well as, future updates on committee member assignments on the official transition website, BRtranistion.com.

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