City of Ponchatoula announces new website

City of Ponchatoula announces new website

With so many planned events occurring nearly every day and multiple projects underway all the time, Ponchatoula is expanding its reach to the public to include an updated website and presence on social media.

John Barnes of Gumbeaux Digital Branding, LLC, is the designer of the City of Ponchatoula Website News.

Barnes brings over twenty-two years of experience in the field beginning with his developing military programs before becoming a contractor with the Department of Defense and now in oil and gas. But all along he has been a freelancer in web design, analytics and development, to name only a few areas of his expertise.

Stating his views on the rapidly-growing area, Barnes’ message is that whether a person moved here after Katrina or is here temporarily after flooding, “If you carry yourself accordingly, we adopt you. While the ‘tip of the spear’ is growth and sustaining, we are still a family community.”

To keep that “family community” well-informed, the website makes it easy to reach any department and staff member, report a problem, pay a bill on-line, or simply ask a question.

Barnes said he operates on the principles of what he calls two very simple efforts: “authenticity and communication.”

Mayor Bob Zabbia added that one of the goals of the city is to help Ponchatoula citizens stay current with any news coming out of City Hall. The site and its accompanying Facebook page will also include the latest newspaper and online articles.

ONLINE: www.cityofponchatoula.com

By Kathryn J. Martin
The Drum community reporter

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