Site Helps Customers Buy Black

Site Helps Customers Buy Black

PurchaseBlack.com, a new Amazon-style marketplace that specializes in selling African American products, is looking to increase the number of Black e-commerce sites by offering qualified businesses free use of their e-commerce platform. ecommerce

PurchaseBlack.com is bridging the gap between Black online customers, and a wide array of African American focused businesses,” said Purchase Black founder Brian Williams. “To attract more Black owned businesses, we are giving them web stores–complete with their own web address–for free, and only charging a commission after the business actually makes money on our platform.“

Purchase Black wants to attract Black-owned and Black-operated businesses; they also want to attract businesses that, while maybe not Black-owned, still have a significant Black clientele.

“We are focused on African American products and businesses, but not at the exclusion of [everyone] else. We want [all businesses] to know that you can buy or sell African American products on PurchaseBlack.com, regardless of [their] background.”

The company’s target businesses are small, medium, and large-sized businesses that sell hair care, skin care, art, gifts, clothing and accessories, Black greek letter organization items, and much, much more.

“A lot of people have been waiting for something like this for a long time…and we hope that our offer will attract those businesses to sell their products on [our site],” said Williams.

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