Monroe preachers return city’s $10,000 donation

MONROE—The city of Monroe gave a group of local preachers $10,000 to help sponsor the 2013 Louisiana Baptist State Convention which was housed in several local facilities with an opening musical at the Monroe Civic Center this summer.

Last month, planners of the convention from the Northeast Louisiana 2013 Host Committee stood before the city council with a $10,000 check to return the contribution.

The Reverend Van Brass, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Rayville who chairs the committee, told the Monroe Free Press the event was so successful it contributed some $750,000 to the local economy. Brass said organizers were surprised when they had a significant surplus following the conference that they decided to “present back the money the city invested.”

“Because you invested in us, we were successful,” Brass told the council.

“I believe that this is the first event of its kind that money has been returned to the city,” said city council chairman Eddie Clark.

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