Report Finds Black Men not Fairing Better After College

ACCORDING TO WASHINGTON D.C-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, graduating high school as well as college is no longer enough for

Black men to receive a good paying job the offer benefits. In their “Has Education Paid Off for Black Workers?” report, Janelle Jones and John Schmitt, stated, “Between

1979 and 2011, the share of black men with a high school degree or less fell almost by half (from 72.6 % to 43.4 %), and the share with a college degree nearly tripled (from

8.1 % to 23.4 %). Despite this massive improvement at both ends of the education spectrum, black men overall and at every education level – less than high school, high

school, some college but short of a four-year degree, and at least a four-year degree – are less likely to be in a good job today than three decades ago.” Center officials define

a “good job” as one that pays a minimum of $19 per hour or $40,000 annually. “The seasonally ad- justed unemployment rate for Black men ages 20 and older is always

higher than those of any other race or ethnic group.” In 1979, the average age of Black workers was 33, in 2011 the age rose to 39 making the Black work- force older, more

experienced and therefore more compatible.


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