Johnson becomes First Black Female Chief Justice

Johnson becomes  First Black Female Chief Justice

JUDGE BERNETTE JOHNSON was sworn in  as the first Black chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, less than four months after a dispute over whether she was entitled to the position. Johnson took her official oath of office as Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court Feb. 2.

She was sworn-in by her daughter, Rachael D. Johnson, in a brief ceremony, surrounded by her immediate family members, and the legal community. In 1994, Johnson was elected to serve on the Louisiana Supreme Court and was re-elected, without opposition, in 2000 and 2010.

She represents the Seventh Supreme Court District, which encompasses Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Her judicial career began in 1984 when she was elected to the Civil District Court of New Orleans, where she was the first female to hold that offi ce. She was re-elected without opposition, in 1990 and was elected Chief Judge by her colleagues in 1994.

A public ceremony will take place on Thursday, February 28, at noon on the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Court, 400 Royal Street.

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