• Giving, celebrating humanity in the name of Christ

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    Traditionally, for many of us this is the time that we celebrate the beginnings of the extensive life’s journey of the most important man in the earth’s history: the MASS of the CHRIST Jesus’ birth.

    Imagine. More than 2,015 years after His birth, death, and resurrection, millions of us yet celebrate Him and the tremendous Mission His life exemplifies.

    Talk about sustainability!

    Many of us, even those who do not believe in the Divinity of Who He is, perform many acts of kindness in the giving and celebrating of humanity in His Name.

    For me, He is Everything in which I deem Holy and important and worthwhile. He is the Signature Purpose of my existence. But lets not talk about that. Let’s just relegate Him to a place of notoriety that recognizes him as a “good” man. Or even a GREAT man. Why do we give him recognition in the area of greatness?


    It is because He is credited with doing ONLY good. That’s right. That’s EVERYthing for which He is credited.

    He healed sick people; He blessed little children; He was a tremendously persuasive leader; He challenged the leaders of his time and made great arguments for the things in which He believed and for which He stood, and even died for.

    He raised people from the dead and, in the face of adversity, betrayal, and beatings, He yet stood for humanity.

    How many of us would do that? Not a good man, but a great man and some, like myself, would even say, the GREATEST man!

    So, during this Christmas season, as everyone gives others presents that only He should be getting, let’s all remember: not “Happy Holidays” not “Season’s Greetings not Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but merry CHRISTmas.

    For me, He is the hope of the glory that we shall enjoy, AFTER THIS! And what is AFTER THIS?

    It is the faith fact in which I—and so many others—live and move and have our being: He was resurrected and He is coming back again, for me and all of us who believe!

    By barbara w. green

    barbara w. green is a certified counselor and minister in Baton Rouge. She is the author of The Parent Anointing and The Great One. Her articles are distributed by Jozef Syndicate. Follow her at www.barbaragreenministries.org

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  • Resolved to be a better parent? Try these books

    Here are four great read to help strengthen, encourage, and inspire and help parents or guardians with their New Year’s resolutions to be a better parent. These authors break down parental issues and challenges using spiritual, educational, and scientific guidelines to help caregivers become better parents. Three of these authors are Louisiana- natives whose books will empower any parent.

    Kamali Academy’s AfriKan Centered Grammar Book

    Geared toward teaching and educating children on grammar basics, New Orleans native Samori Camara, Ph.D.’s,Kamali Academy’s Afrikan Centered Grammar Book presents grammar rules from subject-verb agreement to proper nouns and correct sentence structure for parents to advance their children’s learning.

    Resolved to be a better parent? Try these books
    The book is described as “Afrikan-centered” because it teaches Afrikanvalues throughout the writing exercises. Camara is a professor of history at Dillard University and also the founder at KamaliAcademy.

    Kamali Academy’s Afrikan Centered Grammar Book is a great curriculum for parents who homeschool elementary and middle school children. Camara provides online history classes on the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements and Afrikan Literature.

    The Parent Anointing

    Baton Rouge counselor Barbara Green’s The Parent Anointing is now on its second printing. The book delivers impactful Bible- based principles  to help parents become spiritually empowered, whether they have or have not given birth.

    Green pulls from her decades of experience as a certied counsellor, marriage therapist, and evangelist to bring insight and purpose to God’s “calling” of parenting.


    buythebook sandra semien

    It’s All in His Hands

    It’s All in His Hands ,by Shreveport native, Sandra Semien is a memoir of her life as a mother and champion of an intellectually disabled son (before suchlabels were given). The registered nurse is now also a parent advocate teaching and inspiring mothers who are raising children with learning disabilities and struggling with education programs and schools. To her readers, Semien writes: “I was delighted when God shared with me and now with you that,” ‘Even though you may not think of having the perfect child I thought of you as the perfect parent to love them to perfection’.”


    BuyTheBook Raising Black Boys


    Raising Black Boys

    Jawanza Kunjufu of Chicago has pulled together information on the Black male community and how Black boys are treated in the homes and throughout society. By showing his true passion towards reconstructing the mentalities and future of men, Kunjufu presents statistics and facts on the declining percentage of Black male success rates and how parents can redirect the trend.

    Raising Black Boys has the goal of helping parents eliminate some of the early problems that Black male youth are faced by showing the impact of specific goals, words spoken, and trends on rearing Black boys.



    By Crystal Brown
    The Drum Contributing Writer 




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