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    Baton Rouge Crusaders to host Winter Classic Semi Pro basketball game, Dec. 17


    Let the winter games begin. The Baton Rouge Crusaders are excited to announce their first Winter Classic Semi Pro Basketball Game Saturday, Dec. 17, at Baton Rouge Community College Gym.

    “The Baton Rouge Crusaders are fairly new to the community, so this will be somewhat of an introduction. We would like the parish to attend and continue supporting these men on their professional journey, as we strive to bring about larger opportunities for them. Some are already known for their athletic and professional skills,” said Isaiah Marshall, the CEO of the BR Crusader’s parent company, Capitol City Crusaders.

    Capitol City Crusaders is a sports organization that houses youth basketball programs for students in second through 12th grade, a post graduation basketball program at Capitol City Prep Academy, and the new military developmental league team called Baton Rouge Crusaders. Their mission is to professionally develop local talent who may need more attention and practice before the big leagues. National Director of Men’s and Women’s Basketball, AAU, P.K. Martin and Demetric Hunter, who is the director of military all sports development league, brought the program to Louisiana, earlier this year and partnered with Marshall.

    Before the Dec. 17 game, the team will host a free youth basketball camp for youth ages 9-15, followed by a free community basketball game. “We think it is important for the players to mentor and work with the youth as much as possible, because it helps not only the youth to grow, but the players themselves, and hopefully we are creating a culture of giving back as well,” Marshall said.

    Sable International, a business management consulting firm in Baton Rouge, is also sponsoring tickets for five single mothers and their children to attend the Winter Classic. Email info@batonrougecrusaders.com to be a Good Neighbor sponsor and assist more families with admission.


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