Louisiana Legacy

Life and Death of Louisianans

10-year-old Antranae Alexander, Angola Deputy Warren Rochelle Ambeau, future animal scientist Kayla Benton, New Schools CEO Kenneth Campbell, Civil…
Accepting an award for Alvin Kenneth Holden, Debra G. Holden tells of her father's legacy as the first Black to vote in Tangipahoa Parish.
'Bellfield gave 100 percent for Orange' says residents. She passed away Sunday, Jan. 23
Harvey Adger, Taylor Barnett, Terence Blanchard, Tyricia Clark, Monica D. Doss, Glenn Dorsey, Hue Jackson, Mickey Joseph, and Erica D Williams
Holding a 6-foot tall trophy, Zaila Avant-garde, the 14-year-old national spelling bee champion basketball phenom from Louisiana, was celebrated by…
For decades, most historical accounts of Nov. 14, 1960, featured Ruby Bridges as the sole child crossing hostile lines to attend an all-white school in…
Sharon Johnson teams up with national designers at the January 2022 parade. It is an opportunity renowned event planner Scot Wedgeworth calls the ‘Holy…
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