Who to Watch

Louisiana trendsetters, leaders, and advocates to watch as they impact the state and nation.

State Representative Vincent Pierre was elected on Jan. 19 as chairman of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, the influential bloc of Black…
Barrow to be recognized for her efforts in the Legislature have focused on helping children and families by promoting education and paving ways to…
8-year-old Makenzie Bradford, fashion designer Oonarissa Bernard, SwagHer magazine publisher Francheska Felder, and Bayou Cafe owner Frank Brown
It’s not folk art, but Tedism: the unique style of art and storytelling by Ted Ellis.
This Who-to-Watch features 13-year-old Chad Barnes Jr., a Baton Rouge advocate to watch as he impacts the lives of children and youth who live with IBD.
April ends and May begins with festivals and celebrations around comics, food, gospel, leaders, and books. Where will we see you?